Our people

Our core team and network of experts have consultancy experience with the premier firms and line management experience in large corporates and small start-up's.

Founded in 2007, we have grown to a network of over 100 experienced consultants with track-records in delivering results for demanding clients.

Our people ensure the delivery of challenging targets and instil new skills in the process, e.g.:

1) new ideas and objectivity, whilst driving a creative strategy process with the senior team

2) new ideas and negotiation skills for sourcing contracts and outsourcing opportunities

3) new ideas and support in tackling complex supply-chain productivity improvements

4) new insights into how better information, management processes and agendas can stretch ambitions and accelerate results

If you have a need, we would be pleased to introduce ourselves:

email: ccoates@stonebeck.com

telephone: (44) 0781 424 8431