Welcome to Stonebeck

Stonebeck is a bit different.

We are a core group of consultants with both line management and leading consultancy experience. We offer ourselves and our network to deliver extra value to clients:

1) bring new ideas and resources to assure delivery of the results you require

2) work alongside your team to enhance their management and leadership skills

Our network comprises over 100 experts in their fields - strategy, productivity, sourcing, acquisitions, etc. - across most industries. They are trained in the Stonebeck way of on-the-job delivery combined with real skills-transfer.

Your teams deliver their targets, however difficult, with a bit of help from us. They also gain from the experience. The gap between the target and the resources available internally to deliver it, is the sole determinant of our contribution. This can be as little as one expert for a day or two, to a few people for a few months.

If you have concerns that you might not have everything in place to deliver an important goal, we would be pleased to show you how big a difference we can make.

email: ccoates@stonebeck.com

telephone: (44) 781 424 8431

We are happy to provide you with references from CEO's, CFO's and other senior managers.