About 3Dpiction

We are a new company offering software that brings products to life by allowing on-line shoppers to manipulate, "feel" and inspect their shapes and textures.

Our proprietary 3D technology allows fashion and design retailers to show engaging interactive 3D versions of their merchandise over the web.

Unlike conventional "3D object movies", our images can be interactively viewed from any angle (360 by 360), and zoomed-in on from any angle, with high quality photorealistic results. To do this, we use a true 3D geometric model allowing highly compressed results with video quality.

The user needs no plug-in or particular skill. The models are streamed so you can start interacting with a lower quality version straight away whilst the more detailed image is loading.

We offer a range of options from full service – image capture through to upload - to integration into the retailers' own photographic and rendering processes.

What online shoppers say:

"I love the fact you can stop at any point you choose to and study it – from the top, side or even underneath."
"It really brings it to life."
"Oh how wonderful – not having to click on all those different shots."

Click here to see a demonstration of 3Dpiction

Or download a pdf presentation